The Right Idea
The Right Steps
And Massive Action

Is Pain Standing Between You and the Life You Want to Live?

Does living with pain feel like a nightmare that you just can't wake up from?

Are you tired of a life wrapped up in pain, suffering, overwhelm, and disappointment? Pain is a shadow that follows you everywhere. But it doesn't have to ruin your life. You may have struggled with doctors, medications, and treatments to change your pain from the outside in. Why not try something new?

What if YOU could heal from the inside out? That's right, you can be the source of change. Each us has an inherent healing capacity, and with small changes in your daily life, you can increase your body's ability to heal.

You Can Retrain Your Brain & Your Body to Heal Your Pain!

Pain science education is the foundation of modern chronic pain treatment, and is at the heart of the Moving Beyond Your Pain program.

We tap into the power of neuroplasticity - your brain's amazing ability to change and adapt- and use it to heal your nervous system and reprogram your response to pain and ALL the factors that intensify that pain.

Surround yourself with elements that facilitate your innate healing process.

Pain isn't just a sensation, like we might feel a touch. It's an experience that grabs us and takes hold! During this eight-week program, I will teach you how to take control of that experience. We take the latest pain science and translate it into knowledge and skills that are easy to implement.

 Understanding your pain system is the first step to reversing it.

First, remember that you are not alone. I am a National Board Certified Pain Management Coach. I'll be your guide on this 8-week transformation.

 I have experienced first hand what you are going through.

By following the exact same lifestyle principles I teach my clients, I was able to heal my own pain condition.

Everything you need is already within you! 

You may have been suffering for years. Maybe your pain started from an injury, surgery that didn't work, or an autoimmune illness such as rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia. Maybe you don't know exactly what caused your pain.

 You're probably thinking "How do I know this will work for me?"   

The answer is, you don't. But I'm confident it will. This process works and it's grounded in science.

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  • Your injury has healed, but you are still in pain.
  • You experience pain every single day.
  • You have an autoimmune illness.
  • Are tired of taking toxic medications.
  • Feel frustrated, isolated and don't know where to turn.
  • You have health goals, but you can't seem to stay on track.
  • BELIEVE that you can get better and improve your health.
  • Want to learn new ideas and strategies.
  • You want to be healthy and happy.
  • You're ready to live pain free.
  • You're ready to take action!


You're looking for a quick-fix, or you're not open to new ways of thinking about your pain.

You're not ready to take action.

Following the Moving Beyond Your Pain program is not easy. It's going to require consistent work and commitment over the 8 weeks.

Creating the life you want is ALWAYS going to take effort, overcoming challenges and pushing through self-doubt.

We’ve had remarkable success with this program.

Here's what people have been saying.

“One of my friends recommended this program and I immediately joined. Trust me, I never looked back! I finally found the real cause of my problem, my nervous system and solved it in just a few months. I can't believe I am the same person! If you are suffering from pain, join this program today – you’ll never regret it!”

Rose S.

“I am extremely thankful to you for offering this outstanding program. I have mastered the art of managing stress, my beliefs and emotions... and ultimately change the pain through all these aspects. I have started enjoying my life once again, all thanks to this wonderful program.”  

Michelle P.

“Sue Ann said it right - you are the healer of your pain, and I can absolutely feel that after joining this 8-week program. This one-of-a-kind program taught me so much that I needed to know in order to manage my pain and start living a better  life. I highly recommend this program.”

Joanie D.

The 8-Week Moving Beyond Pain Program Includes...

MODULE 1 - The Pain Experience

We're going to dive right into pain physiology and the science behind your pain. Pain changes your nervous system - it creates alterations in nervous system structures and the transmission of signals that create the viscous cycle of pain called Central Sensitization.

The Biopsychosocial Approach addresses pain and illness from multiple angles: physical, psychological, and emotional. 
We are going to target all three. 

Develop the intention and the expectation for healing!

MODULE 2 – The Pain-Brain

Understand the science behind how your brain processes chronic pain compared with acute pain. 

Learn about neuroplasticity - the brain's amazing capacity to adapt & change. You will use this same process in reverse - "self-directed neuroplasticity", to create new pain-free pathways in the brain!

Understand how an impaired Limbic System can keep your body in a constant cycle of stress & fear, and learn how to disengage and create a feeling of safety.

MODULE 3 - Identifying Stress & the Pain Connection 

Stress is not just a word! 

You will learn how the stress response may be keeping you in a constant cycle of pain or even creating new stress illnesses.

The first step is to managing your stress is to create a stress inventory of your past and all your current stresses. 

Once we identify the factors that are directly or indirectly impacting your health, then we can specifically focus on them for deeper exploration and exercises. 

MODULE 4: It’s Not What You think- Or is it? 

Learn about the incredible power of our thoughts, and how they create neurological changes in our brain. These chemicals are literally messages that feed our physical body.

Identify limiting thought patterns that are associated with stress & anxiety, and re-write alternate mental scripts to rewire our nervous system away from pain.

Learn how to bring mindful awareness to the present moment.

Discover practices to become more self-compassionate.

MODULE 5: Beliefs 

Chronic pain is strongly tied in with beliefs and expectations They are both incredibly powerful tools which can be used to turn down your pain.

Understand the power of hope and the language that will shift you from victim to problem solver.

     Learn effective writing techniques to release strong emotions or trauma          that may have been holding  you back.

Discover how to create a new life story.

MODULE 6: Pacing and Graded Exposure

Movement is essential to the health of all your body systems. 

Learn the science behind pacing and and how and when to increase the amount that you do.

How to use pacing and graded motor imagery to break the pain & fatigue cycle. 

Gradually increase your activities and involvement in life.

MODULE 7: Environment and Communication

Your environment impacts every aspect of your life! Healing spaces minimize stress, they make you feel good, they bring your family and friends together, and they allow you to perform at your best.

We are social beings and we need relationships with others! Connect more fully with life partners, children and friends. Being loved, respected and understood can have a profound effect on your health

Learn how to honestly and openly communicate so you can clearly express your thoughts and feelings to help reduce the emotional stress associated with pain. 

MODULE 8 - Whole-Foods as Medicine

Food is just as important or powerful as medicine!

You will learn common-sense dietary principles and how to adopt a whole-foods diet.

I'll teach your how to strengthen your immune system to reduce pain and inflammation. 

Food has the power to heal you or hurt you, and knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to eat!

Healthy recipes to fill you with energy and keep you moving.

Plus, There's More!

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This is an 8 week program.  Every week there will be a new videos teaching a specific aspect of pain education.

What you will get:

  • Weekly downloadable teaching videos going over a key topic area.
  • Downloadable PDF's of the weekly supplemental resources: To-do lists, handouts or homework assignments.
  • Clear, accessible write ups of all the meditations and techniques.
  • Recorded meditations.
  • Weekly emails to guide you through each week of the program, and help you stay on-track.
  • A Private Facebook forum to receive support, learn and connect.
  • Lifetime access to the class so you can return to the videos whenever you need to review, de-stress, or get focused.

I'm here to help you.  

Let's begin your journey to a life with less pain and suffering and to living a healthy, joyful life with purpose and meaning.

You can't do it alone. Not only will you be supported by me, you'll be supported by a community who understands. 

One of the best sources to stay grounded and on track is having a community of people who empathize and understand us. 

We're there to provide you with advice, encouragement and hope!