Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Welcome! I'm Sue Ann Stelfox, and I'm a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

                 I also understand chronic pain.                              

If you're like me, you've journeyed through the healthcare system for years, searching for someone or something to cure your pain. You have literally tried everything to free yourself from chronic pain. And now you're not sure where to turn!

You need to take a different APPROACH! 

  A science-based approach to understanding your pain, the strategies and techniques to help you overcome it, and the lifestyle to keep you free from it.

Your pain is real. I have real solutions.

There's a reason for your pain, and the good news is there is a cure for it! Modern pain research tells us recurring pain is caused by many factors. We now know that your thoughts, emotions and behaviors , play a major role in how physical pain occurs. Your brain and nervous system creates patterns of pain around them and can create a viscous cycle of pain that can last for months and even years. But just as your nervous system has learned to create your pain, you can use your brain to unlearn the pain!

No matter your condition, length of time you’ve had it, or how severe it is, you do have the ability to change your pain. 

You already have the POWER to heal your pain.
 Are you ready to get the courage, the skills and the guidance to begin your journey?
Let me show you the way!  Find our more HERE
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