You Already Have the Power to Heal Your Pain. 

It's not easy to overcome chronic pain by yourself.
You need someone who understands.


Well, of course you do. But how do you do that when you feel like you've tried everything, and NOTHING has worked so far? 

You are going to start a NEW journey out of pain. 

You're going to take a step off the normal path - the one that you've already taken - from the surgeries, the physical treatments and the pain medications. You may have been fortunate enough to have medical support from people who really cared. Most often though, people that I coach have had to go on their own quest of learning, which is difficult and tremendously overwhelming

Your doctors may have been "experts" in their specialty, but they are not the expert in you. You are not the average patient - 
you are you. You are all of your life's accomplishments, what you've done, what you've lived and what you've achieved.

My coaching is based on the concept of the client as a whole, rather that just focusing on the physical pain. This philosophy is called the Biopsychosocial Model and is based on the premise that thought, emotion, the environment and cultural biases all play an integral role in a person's illness and their ability to function in society.

This model of pain treatment moves away from simple biomedical explanations and acknowledges that people exist in a larger context. Every aspect of your life affects your pain, and your pain affects every aspect of your life. Managing our pain is not just about our physical body alone. 

Once you recognize this  - it's the start of your real journey out of chronic pain!

Pain management coaching puts the power of healing in YOUR hands! It teaches you to become an active participant in your own recovery by providing you with the right tools and the right methods. It provides the guidance, the support and the motivation to help you overcome your chronic pain. And you don't have to do it alone! 

Coaching provides a whole host of essential,  SUCCESS SKILLS that will enable you to…

  • Retrain the brain from a state of hyper-vigilance to one of calmness and safety.
  • Skillfully neutralize your stress and calm your nervous system, so you feel less pain and suffering.
  • Become more present in your life so you can create meaningful change.
  • Recognize negative thoughts and uncover limiting beliefs. 
  • Become aware of the patterns of your actions and behaviors, so you can shift the ones not serving you.
  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself and the way you relate to others in your life.
  • Manage your activities and your time so you can effectively plan and live your life. 
  • Clarify your vision of your life’s meaning and goals so you can live a value-driven life.
I want you to know that I will be there every step of the way - from healing to happiness. To guide and motivate you through the process with care and compassion.

I provide the comprehensive tools to reset every aspect of your life - brain, body, mind, and actions - to one of health and vitality. The reason I achieve such great results for my clients isn't just about cutting-edge programs... it's also about the care, the compassion and the support that I provide to every one of them.

One-on-One Coaching:
I offer one-on-one coaching in person, on Skype ,or over the phone. I work with the majority of my clients on the phone because it's more convenient and we can work from anywhere. It’s just you and me, working together to help you reverse your pain. 

Is it time for a Complimentary Discovery Session?
Let's chat about your pain experience. Let's explore how how I can help and how we might be able to partner together.