You Know You Are a Chronic Pain Sufferer When...

You Know You Are a Chronic Pain Sufferer When…

Your pain has changed your personality and you:

  •     Get stressed very easily.
  •     Have a hard time focusing on tasks.
  •     Find it hard to get started or to finish tasks on time.
  •     Often lose your temper
  •     Doubt yourself.
  •     Have no patience.
  •     Plan your day around your level of pain.
  •     Are hypersensitive to sounds, movement or light.
  •     Feel hopeless and see no way out of your pain.
  •     Feel guilty when you cannot do your everyday chores.
  •     Feel angry or depressed because you cannot live and do the things you used to do.

Your pain has affected your family and friends because:

  •     You rarely spend time with your friends.
  •     You are no longer able to participate in many social functions.
  •     It's easier to be alone than to pretend you are not in pain when you are around others.
  •     You feel like no one really understands you or your pain.
  •     You now have to ask for help for things that used to be able to do.
  •     Your sexual relationship with your partner has changed.
  •     You lost your job or your career has been affected.
  •     You refer to your life as before/after your illness.

No, you're not suffering from psychological problems. If you have any of these feelings, you are a normal person living with chronic pain! You need to find a support group.

In a support group you don’t have to explain how you feel or what you might be going through because they have dealt with many of your same experiences and frustrations. Support groups can provide you with new friendships, advice, encouragement and hope.

Don't stay alone in your pain, ask for help when you need it!

To your great health,

Sue Ann Stelfox

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